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ISNIN - KHAMIS : 8.00 pagi - 1.00 tengahari | 2.00 petang - 5.00 petang

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ISNIN - KHAMIS : 8.00 pagi - 1.00 tengahari | 2.00 petang - 3.00 petang

JUMAAT : 8.00 pagi - 11.45 pagi | 2.15 petang - 3.00 petang


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Joint forces to meet SCORE market for skilled workers
15 Apr 2014

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Joint forces to meet SCORE market for skilled workers

by Jeremy Veno, Posted on April 15, 2014, Tuesday

KUCHING: Sarawak Foundation is working with the Work Force Development Unit of the Chief Minister’s Office to address the projected shortfall of workers at the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE).

It is estimated that SCORE would need about 6,250 professionals and skilled workers by 2020, but the state can only produce 3,150 workers based on current capacity.

“I strongly believe one of the critical components for the successful industrial development of Sarawak, particularly in SCORE, is adequate and timely support of highly skilled and technically competent workforce that is able to meet the needs of the industry,” said Assistant Minister for Industrial Development (Investment and Promotion) Datuk Julaihi Narawi yesterday.

Opening the third workshop on Developing a Curriculum for Technical Education and Training (Dacum) at Pullman Hotel, he stressed it was therefore necessary for the state government to boost training capacity.

Citing a study by Dato Prof Lance Twomey in 2012, Julaihi said graduates from many skills training institutions lack the skills and competencies required in the marketplace.

“I believe that with the series of Dacum workshops that had been organised and planned, the issue on the relevance of curriculum can be addressed properly.”

Organised by Yayasan Sarawak and the Work Force Development Unit, the three-day workshop is participated by representatives from 16 companies and 20 institutions in the state.

Themed ‘Instructional Systems Design’ for the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET), the workshop is geared at enhancing the quality of existing curriculum in the Electrical and Electronic Instrumentation programmes and to identify new areas of value-added components.

The workshop would also explore occupational profile matching between industry and technical institutions as well as to strengthen Private-Public Partnership initiatives.

Meanwhile, Julaihi, who is also Sebuyau assemblyman and Assistant Minister for Rural Development, said SCORE was now the key driver for the state’s industrial push.

Sarawak, he added, was able to produce 20,000 MW of electricity mainly through renewable means such as hydropower at a relatively low cost. The availability of this energy source has attracted energy intensive industries to set up operations in the state.

As of March this year, a total of 18 projects have been approved, of which Samalaju has 14, Tanjung Manis (two), Kidurong (one), Mukah (one).

“These projects involve a total investment of RM29.43 billion and have the capacity to generate 16,000 job opportunities.

“Out of the 14 projects in Samalaju, eight projects with total investment of RM15.7 billion and with a capacity to generate 7,100 jobs are either already operating or in various stages of construction.”

He said two projects in Mukah and Tanjung Manis were already operational, with employment strength of 900 people.

“Fifty per cent of the jobs in all the 18 projects are technical in nature, and requires skilled and semi-skilled workers.”

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was also signed between four parties – Plus Sustain Sdn Bhd, Centre of Technical Excellence, Pusat Latihan Proaktif and Cahaya Educational and Training Academy – during the opening ceremony.

Yayasan Sarawak deputy chairman Datu Abdul Rashid Abdul Aziz, Yayasan Sarawak director Datu Abu Bakar Marzuki and Workforce Development Unit in the Chief Minister’s Office director Dr Abdul Rahman Deen were among those present.

MH370 steward's daughter 'blessed' with Liverpool kit
15 Apr 2014

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Mukah-Balingian set to spearhead region’s economic growth
15 Apr 2014

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Mukah-Balingian set to spearhead region’s economic growth

Posted on April 15, 2014, Tuesday


SIBU: Medan Mall – Mukah’s very first modern shopping mall cum hotel complex – will open for business on April 16.

The six-storey commercial complex houses the Medan Supermarket, shops and food court on the ground floor, Medan Department Store and shops on the first floor and a two-star Li Hua Hotel with 113 rooms occupying the second to fifth floors.

Besides providing a refreshingly new one-stop shopping experience for local residents, it provides quality accommodation for visitors and tourists, said the press release from Medan Mall.

Meanwhile, Mukah Town has been evolving quietly from a small fishing village into a modern town serving as the administrative centre of the Mukah Division.

Since its elevation into a new division, Mukah has enjoyed fast paced growth.

ln line with the state government’s vision to develop Sarawak and complemented by the commissioning of the Bakun Dam, a major economic corridor encompassing the central region of Sarawak has emerged and the Mukah-Balingian region is set to spearhead the development of this economic growth corridor.

Mukah is rich in natural resources such as sago, oil palm and fisheries.

“The demand for human resource has increased with the establishment of the Mukah coal-fired power plant, the aluminum smelting plant, palm oil plantations, aquaculture industries and Samalaju
Industrial Park.

“Our government has thus set up the Mukah Polytechnic, MRSM and now, the new Universiti
Teknologi Mara (UiTM) campus which is under construction to provide long term needs for more technical and professional personnel,” added the press release.

Air transport to Mukah has been a hassle since only the 19-seater Twin Otter commercial aircraft could land in Mukah now and it is a norm for business travellers to fly to Sibu and then take a two-and-half-hour car ride to reach Mukah.

ln order to improve air connectivity, the construction of a new Mukah airport is currently underway to allow for larger aircrafts to land.

Upon completion, it is expected to attract more local and international investors and promote the local tourism industry.

“The implementation of major development projects in Mukah has resulted in rapid population growth and the continuous improvement of all supporting infrastructure and facilities leading to a higher living standard,” it noted.

Majlis Bacaan Yasin dan Tahlil Arwah En. Mohd. Johari Hj. Ibrahim
25 Mac 2014

Majlis Bacaan Yasin dan Tahlil Arwah En. Mohd. Johari Hj. Ibrahim dianjurkan oleh Kelab MUDAK dan individu, pada 25 Mac 2014 jam 10.00 pagi di Surau SCORE.

Disertai oleh kakitangan Majlis, anak-anak arwah; Naim dan Najmi, Tn. Hj. Ali b. Suhaili (mantan Walikota) dan Timbalan Walikota, Tn. Hj. Kadir b. Hj. Jamil. Turut hadir Penolong Pegawai Penilaian W32, Kementerian Kerajaan Tempatan dan Pembangunan Komuniti, En. Ishak Ismail. 


Kaunter Bergerak Pembayaran Cukai Taksiran Bil. 1/2014
24 Mac 2014

Kaunter Bergerak bagi kutipan cukai taksiran MDDM telah diadakan pada 8 Mac 2013 di Tapak Parkir, Pasar Lama Mukah. Terima kasih kepada semua pembayar cukai taksiran atas tanggungjawab anda.






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